Danz501 Classes

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Tiny Combo - A combination of tumbling & dance for our students ages 3-4. This class learns two dances.

Tumbling - Learn the basic and advanced skills of floor tumbling. This includes everything from cartwheels, somersaults, and bridges to back handsprings, aerials, and standing tucks. This class learns one dance.

Ballet/Lyrical Jazz Combo - This class features ballet, lyrical, and jazz styles. Dance to upbeat music with faster jazz movements, as well as graceful, slower music with controlled dance movements. This class learns two dances. 

Ballet - Learn the fundamentals of dance and perfect your dance technique in this class. We will work on balance, strength, and flexibility. Dancers will perfect and learn new turns, leaps, jumps, and combinations. This class learns one dance.

Hip Hop Jazz Combo - Learn a hip hop dance with body movements that go with the beat and rhythm of upbeat hip hop music. Jazz will prepare your dancer for high school and college teams. Students learn modern dance movements with the current forms of popular dance to a fun, fast tempo style of music. Dancers learn routines with basic, counted, precision steps. This class learns two dances. 

Cheer/Dance - This class will incorporates the styles of dance using pom-poms with the addition of tumbling. Pom will focus on preparing dancers for high school, college, dance teams. Students learn to use sharp, precise movements to a fun, fast tempo style of music. Dancers build team spirit while learning routines with basic, counted, precision steps. This class will also include skills that are required by dance teams such as jumps, leaps, and turns. Tumbling skills, jumps, and stunts will be worked on for the first half of the year.